ICCL 2019
Step 1Go to:http://bit.ly/iccl2019 If you already have an access ID, enter it in the "Acceso ID " field and enter the password in the "Clave " field. If you do not have a user, click on the "Creación de cuenta de usuario por primera vez " link.
If you have forgotten your password, you must create a new user account.
Step 2ICCL 2019
You can skip this step if you already have an access ID
Please create a User ID in the field "Crear un Acceso Id " (it can be up to 9 numbers/letters) and your Password in the field "Crear una Clave " (Password that you only know, this must be 6 numbers), re-type your password in the "Verificar Clave " field. The user information and password must be memorized as it will be required for future registrations.
Step 3ICCL 2019
Once you haved logged in, please choose the link: "Educación Continuada CEC " Click on "Nueva Inscripción " link Please choose the event "2019 – INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON COMPUTATIONAL LOGISTICS (ICCL 2019) " and click on "Continuar " Please read the policies for the use and treatment of personal information, privacy and confidentiality of the information existing in the databases of the Universidad del Norte to which it is subject and click on “Acepto”. Full Policies can be consulted
ICCL 2019
Step 4

Please fill in the form. To help you with this proccess, here is a list of the required fields and its English translation.

Nombre: Name

Primer y Segundo Apellido: First LastName and Second LastName (if applies)

Tipo de Documento de identificación: Type of identification document

Ninguno: None

Cédula de ciudadanía: Citizenship Identification Card

Cédula de extranjería: Foreigner's Identification Card


Número único de identificación: Unique Identification Number

Pasaporte: Passport

Permiso Especial: Special Permit

Permiso Civil: Civil Permit

Tarjeta de Identidad: Identity Card (minors)

Visa: Visa

Número de Documento: Document number

Lugar Expedición Doc.: Place of Expedition of identification document

Fecha Expedición Doc.: Expedition Date - Mes: Month - Día: Day - Año: Year

Sexo: Sex - Masculino : Male / Femenino : Female

Fecha de Nacimiento: Birth Date - Mes: Month - Día: Day - Año: Year 

Estado Civil: Marital Status – Ninguno: None – Casado: Married – Soltero: Single

Correo-electrónico: E-mail

Dirección: Residence Address

Ciudad: City

Número Telefónico: Telephone Number

Número Celular: Cellphone Number

Once you have finished, click on "Enviar " button. You
will immediately receive a registration confirmation
ICCL 2019
Step 5 Please choose the fee you must apply. Students are requested to show proof of matriculation to iccl2019@uninorte.edu.co Once you choosed a value to pay, click the "Pagar " button or either "Imprimir volante para pagar en Banco " to print the payslip and pay at bank
Congratulations, you have concluded the tutorial, for further assistance please contact us: