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Time Room 31K Room 21K
07:15-08:30 Registration

The Quest for Sustainable Urban Logistics in an Era of Rapid (and Unpredictable) Technological and Economic Change

10:15-10:30 COFFEE BREAK
Freight Transportation and Urban Logistics I

Chair: Elyn Solano Location: Room 31K

Developments in City Logistics - The Path between Expectations and Reality

Joachim R. Daduna

Measuring Environmental Impact of Collaborative Urban Transport Networks: A Case Study

Andrés Muñoz-Villamizar, Elyn L. Solano-Charris, Javier Santos and Jairo R. Montoya-Torres

Using Advanced Information Systems to Improve Freight Efficiency: Results from a Pilot Program in Colombia

Adriana Moros-Daza, Daniela Cassandro-De La Hoz, Miguel Jaller-Martelo and Carlos D. Paternina-Arboleda

Vehicle Routing Problems I

Chair: Juan José Salazar Location: Room 21K

Greedy Heuristic for the Vehicle Routing Problem with Time Windows, Synchronization constraints and Heterogeneous Fleet

Luísa Brandão Cavalcanti and André Bergsten Mendes1

Optimal solutions for the vehicle routing problem with split demands

Hipólito Hernández-Pérez and Juan-José Salazar-González

The one-commodity pickup and delivery vehicle routing problem: A mixed-integer linear programming approach

Juan David Palacio1, Juan Carlos Rivera1

12:00-14:00 LAUNCH & COFFEE
Freight Transportation and Urban Logistics II

Chair: Seckin Ozkul Location: Room 31K

Allocation of Freight Externalities among Agents in the Supply Chain

José Holguín-Veras, Diana Ramirez-Rios, Trilce Encarnación

Alternative Scenarios in Analyzing Florida’s Freight Imbalance

Seckin Ozkul, Donna Davis, Abdul Pinjari, Iana Shaheen, Prachi Gupta

Math-heuristic for a Territory Design Problem

Mario A. Solana, Juan A. Díaz and Dolores E. Luna

Vehicle Routing Problems II

Chair: Tayeb Oulad Kouider Location: Room 21K

A MILP Model and a GRASP Algorithm for the Helicopter Routing Problem with Multi-trips and Time Windows

André Manh˜aes Machado, Geraldo Regis Mauri, Maria Claudia Silva Boeres and Rodrigo de Alvarenga Rosa

Metaheuristics for Generalised Periodic Electric Vehicle Routing Problem

Tayeb Oulad Kouider, Wahiba Ramdane Cherif-Khettaf and Ammar Oulamara

Electric Bus Scheduling and Optimal Charging

Bilal Messaoudi and Ammar Oulamara

15:30-16:00 COFFEE BREAK
Freight Transportation and Urban Logistics III

Chair: Giorgio Saibene Location: Room 31K

Caribbean Ports, Inland Logistics, and the Panama Canal Expansion: a Mode and Port Choice Analysis

Gomez-Jacome Nicolas, Garcia-Llinas Guisselle, Paternina-Arboleda Carlos D. and Jaller-Martelo Miguel

Proposing solutions to create service classes and identifying groups of routine riders in bike sharing systems

Giorgio Saibene, Sabrina Gaito, Gianzarlo Manzi, Silvia Salini & Matteo Zignani

Forecast of bicycle traffic flows within complex public transport circuits

Giorgio Saibene

Vehicle Routing Problems III

Chair: Alex Barrales Location: Room 21K

A Two-Pheromone Trail Ant Colony System Approach for the Heterogeneous Vehicle Routing Problem with Time Windows, Multiple Products and Product Incompatibility

Andres Palma-Blanco, Esneyder Rafael González and Carlos D. Paternina-Arboleda

The Consistent Vehicle Routing Problem for a Food Distribution Firm

Hernán Lespay, Karol Sucha

Formulation for the problem of median tour generalized with cumulative time

Alex Barrales, Carlos Obreque

17:30-17:45 DAY I CLOSURE
Time Room 31K Room 45K

Changes in the Retail and Distribution Landscape: Behavioral and Logistics Modeling Implications

10:00-10:30 COFFEE BREAK
Maritime & Port Logistics I

Chair: Pending Location: Room 31K

An event driven architecture for a real-time data exchange platform for the RORO transportation in the Baltic region

Karam Kharraz, Martin Leucker, Maria Ostanina

A Decomposed Fourier-Motzkin Elimination Framework to Derive Vessel Capacity Models

Mai L. Ajspur, Rune M. Jensen, and Kent H. Andersen

Estimating Discharge Time of Cargo Units – A Case of Ro-Ro Shipping

Beizhen Jia, Niels Gorm Rytter, Line Blander Reinhardt, Gauvain Haulot and Mads Bentzen Billesø

Manufacturing and Distribution I

Chair: Julia Pahl Location: Room 45k

A facility allocation-location approach to analyze the capability of the state-owned Mexican petroleum company to respond to the closure of pipelines

Santiago-Omar Caballero-Morales and José-Luis Martínez-Flores

Integrated Production Lot Size and Distribution Planning with Shared Warehouses

Julia Pahl

Production and inventory planning in meal-kit industry

Satyaveer Chauhan

12:00-14:00 LUNCH & COFFEE
Maritime & Port Logistics II

Chair: Adriana Moros Location: Room 31K

Port Community System Adoption: Game Theoretic Framework For an Emerging Economy Case Study

Adriana Moros-Daza, René Amaya-Mier, Guisselle Garcia-Llinas, and Stefan Voß

Towards a Semantic Intelligence to Support Seaport Governance in Environmental and Ecological Sustainability


Estimating the Impact of Trade Facilitation in Regional Supply Chains: a Case Study in Colombia

Carlos D. Paternina-Arboleda, Daniel Orlando Rivera

Manufacturing and Distribution II

Chair: Victor Cantillo Location: Room 45K

A stochastic, Multi-Commodity Multi-Period Inventory-Location Problem: Modeling and Solving an Industrial Application

Mauricio Orozco-Fontalvo and Víctor Cantillo, Pablo A. Miranda

Emergency service in electric utility: A Case Study in Rio de Janeiro

Marcelle Cordeiro, Pedro Basilio, Eduardo Rabello, Fabrício Nunes, Lino Marujo

Route overlap addition metrics for order batching on a unidirectional cyclical picking line

Flora Hofmann, Stephan Visagie

15:30-15:45 COFFEE BREAK
Maritime & Port Logistics III

Chair: Kai Brüssau Location: Room 31K

A Note on Alternative Objectives for the Blocks Relocation Problem

Stefan Voß and Silvia Schwarze

Dynamic vehicle routing with time-dependent travel times: a real-world application of the Port of Hamburg

Kai Brüssau, Leonard Heilig, Stefan Voß

Manufacturing and Distribution III

Chair: Mehrdad Amirghasemi Location: Room 45K

Developing an Effective Decomposition-Based Procedure for Solving the Quadratic Assignment Problem

Mehrdad Amirghasemi and Reza Zamani

Optimization of the P-Hub Median Problem via Artificial Immune Systems

Stephanie Alvarez Fernandez, Gabriel Lins e Nobrega and Daniel G. Silva


Supply Chain Management at the International-Level: How Computational Logistics Scholars Might Contribute

17:45-18:00 COFFEE BREAK
Time Room 31K Room 45K
Selected Topics in Decision Support Systems and ICT Tools I

Chair: Mathias Bejlegaard Madsen Location: Room 31K

A Decision Support Tool for Energy-Optimising Railway Timetables Based on Behavioural Data

Mathias Bejlegaard Madsen, Matthias Villads Hinsch Als, Rune M. Jensen, and Sune Edinger Gram

Evaluation of Bottom-up and Top-down Strategies for Aggregated Forecasts: State Space Models and ARIMA Applications

Milton Soto-Ferrari, Odette Chams-Anturi, Juan P. Escorcia-Caballero, Namra Hussain, and Muhammad Khan

Developing Logistic Software Platforms: E-Market Place, a Case of Study

Wilson Nieto Bernal, Miguel A. Jimenez-Barros, Daladier Jabba Molinares, Carlos D. Paternina-Arboleda

Selected Topics in Decision Support Systems and ICT Tools I

Chair: Rune Møller Jensen Location: 45K

IoT cargo weight tracking system for supply chain

Diego Gomez M.Sc., Cesar Viloria M.Sc., Steven Llerena and Nel Tinoco

Humanitarian Logistics I

Chair: Daniel Romero Location: 45K

Multi-Stage Recovery Resilience: A Case Study of The Dique Canal

Daniel Romero-Rodriguez, Alex Savachkin, Weimar Ardila-Rueda, Alvaro Sierra-Altamiranda and Julio-Mario Daza-Escorcia

Modelling the global humanitarian supply chain and the impact of international trade policies

Oscar Pineda, Miguel Jaller y Carlos D. Paternina-Arboleda

10:30-11:00 COFFEE BREAK

Driving Profitability using Supply Chain Cost-To-Serve Analytics


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